Challenges of Journalism


     Journalist collects information, writes information and distributes the information to the public. Journalists work with a general and specific issue wherein it must be certain and accurate to give information which is needed to release and be known to public. However, there are some challenges that journalist might be able to face or encounter in the media.

         Being a journalist is not just easy to handle things which are especially when it comes to a controversial issues and to covering scene which involves wars and crimes specifically that the new administration in the Philippines has a campaign on War on Drugs which targeting to kill those drug lords and drug pushers in the country. The challenging part of journalist specifically on photojournalism capturing those crime scene killing people against war on Drugs is when the photojournalist over exaggerating the picture of those people who are being killed. Just like in the short video regarding the challenges of journalism in Duterte’s Philippines. It points out that some of the journalism filtered the picture that were uploaded in social media with an exaggerated captions which leads the perception of the viewers or readers seeing that picture that the campaign of war on drugs was all about killing people who are innocent and violating the human rights.

     But, there are some points that people or the readers or the viewers that what they wanted is a caption wherein it mostly and likely interesting. The same is through to journalists; they give and put a caption to a certain picture which purpose is to dig deep the viewer or reader in to continue to read the article. However, giving those kinds of captions will get also negative feedbacks from those who read it. It might become embarrassing. It said that Filipino is very good in presenting human dimension. In that case, the worst scenario of being a journalist is which has a legitimate assumption that they might killed. In the year of 1992, 90% of journalist was being killed and it is remain unsolved. It may be the reason why it becomes that huge percentage were killed is might because the journalist is over filtering the picture of the crime scene different from what is exactly done in the crime and it may be includes biases.

     With the saying that even though that journalist don’t commit mistake they will still accused with systematic bias against the President. The Duterte’s administration case, tons of bad mouthed people and even journalist are one of them who are giving and criticising what president Duterte can do to people especially in the campaign of wars on drugs. The good thing turns to bad insights of people. How it become always bias to journalist? In a way of they are not balanced of releasing and publishing the news regarding the Duterte’s administration. They are just only airing the human rights with the people’s killing and those who killed innocent. Dealing with constant change to coverage areas and beats where journalist is challenge. For example, in the case of the martial law in Marawi city, journalist is being deported during the war despite of the possibilities that the journalist might be killed while covering with those bombing attacks and gun shots.

         Disseminating information with no biases and capturing pictures with an appropriate caption must be practice to a media expertise and practitioner. With no dramatized pictures will show in the social media to avoid such thing called negative impacts or bad feedbacks. Though, it is well-said that it is up to journalist to decode the terminology. However all publishing company must be balanced of releasing and disseminating the information and the same is through to the powerful government that will give an space or voices to a powerless and voiceless citizens. Though, it is not possible to go through with this so, then, when will this war between journalism and the duterte’s administration ends?




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